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5 Alcohol Myths, Debunked.

1. The type of drink you have does not determine the type of drunk you get.

The amount you drink and the amount of time in which you drink it have much more to do with the effect the alcohol has on your body than they type of alcohol you’re drinking. For example, you’re much more likely to sip on a beer, or glass of wine, and savor the taste as opposed to a shot of tequila. Instead you shoot the tequila (and maybe multiple shots), which will get you much more intoxicated in a shorter period of time than if you were sipping the beer or wine.

2. Coffee will not cure your hangover.

Though it certainly tastes good after a long night out, coffee doesn’t actually cure your hangover. Caffeine serves as a diuretic, like alcohol, and will actually further your dehydration. If you’re going to drink coffee in the morning after a night out, however, we suggest pairing it with a large bottle of water.

3. Beer before liquor does not make you “sicker”.

Though the mixing of various alcohol types is not suitable for most stomachs, it isn’t about the order of drinks you have, it’s about the quantity. Once you’ve consumed a certain amount of beer and then switch to liquor, it’s probably because you’ve already had a good bit to drink and you’re ready to “bring out the shots”. To avoid this, we suggest sticking to one type of alcohol for the majority of your night, and monitoring your intake. If you want to go for the shots, we suggest doing specialty tastings.

4. Alcohol does not destroy your brain cells.

Drinking may certainly disrupt your brain activity and slow down your thinking process, but it does not destroy your brain cells. That being said, the more you drink, the slower the brain is able to “fix” itself after a night of heavy drinking.

5. Absinthe does not make you hallucinate.

Studies show that absinthe does not in fact make you hallucinate,and does not even have a hallucinogen. Rather, it has a much higher alcohol content than most alcoholic beverages. It is actually used in craft cocktails quite often, click here for details.