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Best Cocktails for the (Winter) Escape

Though we are very hopeful that winter will be ending soon, it is still quite cold here in Chicago. We all look for those little escapes in times, or conditions, like these to take us to tropical and warm places that we would rather be. On our new menu, we’ve got a few cocktails that do exactly this, and we would like to invite you to come try them out! We’ve also provided a few of the recipesĀ and “vacation” descriptions so that you may try them out on your own time as well.

Zest of Fray

1.5 oz Absolut Vodka, 1 oz mandarin orange juice, .25 oz pampelmousse, .25 oz Suze, .5 oz lemon, .5 oz simple syrup and 2 dashes ango. Shake and strain into coupe glass and garnish with a grapefruit peel. This cocktail reminds us of Sunny D, only much much better. When you take a sip of this citrus-forward cocktail, you’re whisked away onto the sunniest of sunny, warm beaches in Cali.

Inherent Vice

1.5 oz Rhum Clement VSOP, .75 oz Kalani Coconut, 1 oz pear juice, 1 oz cream and a barspoon of St George NOLA coffee liqueur. Crushed ice whip shake and garnish with grated cinnamon. It’s tiki time with this cocktail. Imagine palm trees, soft music, relaxing on the beaches of a tropical island with a coconut cocktail in hand…

Third Watch

1 oz del maguey vida mezcal, .5 oz ancho reyes, .5 oz campari, .75 lemon, .75 blueberry syrup and 1 dash lavender bitters. Shake and strain into Georgian and garnish with lemon peel. This cocktail vaca is more of a take-me-back to home cooked meals and picking blueberries on the farm on a summer day.

Nobody’s Nobody

.75 oz Ketel One Vodka, .75 oz Angostura Bitters, .75 oz ginger syrup, .75 oz apple juice, .75 oz lemon and top with ginger ale. Shake and strain into Collins glass and garnish with a sage leaf. In touch with the earth and your inner granola girl (or guy), you’re hiking in a warm and sunny place with lush greenery and fresh fruit all around you. Serene and pure.

Point Break

1.5 oz Tromba Tequila, .25 oz Del Maguey Vida, .5 oz creme de cacao, .5 oz grapefruit, .5 oz lime, .25 oz agave syrup and 1 dash ango. Shake and strain into coupe and garnish with a lime peel. Picture a long, warm, smokey, tequila-filled nights in Los Cabos…