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Customize Your Cocktail

With the warmer weather upon us, event season has finally arrived! Whether you’re hosting a cocktail reception for a wedding party or a happy hour get together for your corporate group, finding a venue with food and beverage to suit your party is very necessary (and sometimes stressful). We are here to assist in the cocktail department and guide you to find the drinks that best detail your theme. Below are a few ideas and concoctions we’ve done in the past, but feel free to think outside the box with your event, your creations are your limit!

1. Name Game

Take our cocktail and replace the name with the theme of your party or one that reflects your company. Last year for Lollapalooza we took three of our most colorful cocktails and gave them names that would reflect artists playing at the festival. These are simple changes, but ones that are certain to catch the eye of your guests.


2. Additives and Substitutes

Add ingredients on top of the name to better “taste” your theme. Take, for example, a day like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day on which we created an all new cocktail to portray the mood for the night. Valentine’s Day was a strawberry cocktail with chocolate notes and for St. Patrick’s Day we served a green chartreuse cocktail labeled “Chareau Me Your Clover”. Also, at another event we hosted for a liquor company, we substituted our product for  theirs in our Old Fashioned and changed the name to reflect their company, “Ireland’s Ole’ Fashioned”.

St. Patrick's


3. Become the Creator

Create your own cocktail altogether. This might sound a bit intimidating to some, but take it from  the pros, it does not have to be complicated. Maintaining balance in the ingredients, as well as the flavors is key, and by using simple, fresh ingredients, you’ll end up with a great cocktail, no doubt. In light of that, a rule of thumb to go by is the classic sour template. Using .75 oz sour ingredients, .75 oz sweet ingredients and then 2 oz of spirit, you’ll be able to build and create whatever cocktail suits your palate.