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Get Buzzed For National Coffee Day!

Calling all coffee lovers! Today is National Coffee Day, of which we’re sure you’re aware, and we have a bit of info for you that will totally get you buzzed on this fantastic day. Coffee + booze, what could be better?

Introducing Galliano Ristretto, one of our favorites at Drumbar:

galliano ristretto national coffee day drumbar chicago

This Italian craft is an espresso liqueur that is made with different coffee beans from countries around the world. With bitter flavors from Kenya and India as well as creamy chocolate notes from Brazil and Columbia, this smooth liqueur is the perfect addition to a cocktail recipe for a chilly fall evening, after a long day at work and more importantly, for celebrating National Coffee Day. Below we’ve provided a few recipes for you to try for yourself.

Golden Cadillac

Galliano Ristretto drumbar chicago raffaello hotel rooftop bar national coffee day coffee cocktail recipes

  • 25mL Galliano L’Autentico
  • 25mL Bols Cacoa Browm
  • 40mL Cream

Shake all of the ingredients and pour into a pre-chilled glass. Garnish with chocolate shavings.






 Galliano Hot Shot

galliano hot shot coffee liqueur cocktail recipes drumbar chicago raffaello hotel national coffee day

  • 15mL Vanilla/L’Autentico
  • 15mL Hot Espresso
  • 15mL Cream

Layer them in given order, and shoot







 Vanilla Gingerale

vanilla gingerale coffee cocktail galliano ristretto liquere drumbar chicago national coffee day

  •  50mL Galliano Vanilla
  • Top off with Gingerale

Mix in glass on the rocks and top with citrus twist.







Note: Galliano is also delicious when drunk by itself or followed with a shot of espresso.