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History of the Coupe

Did you ever wonder about the origins of the various cocktail glasses? Maybe not, but some of them we have found to be quite interesting, and one in particular that we found is also making a comeback in the world of mixology. The Coupe is an age old cocktail glass that was one of the first, if not the first, glasses which held champagne. It was once thought to be inspired by Marie Antoinette’s bosom, funnily enough, due to her back-to-nature mentality and her desire that everyone should toast to her health. That myth has been debunked, however, due to notes of the glass’s existence before that time. Champagne flutes have been the popular pick for many years now, but more recently we have seen a resurgence of the coupe due to the prohibition era and “Mad Men” craze. A fun fact we’ve learned, though, is that flutes are actually better for the bubbles as the shallow open saucer shape of the coupe causes the bubbles to dissipate more quickly. At Drumbar, we use flutes for sipping champagne, but the coupe glasses make for beautiful cocktails, as shown below. Cheers!

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