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How to Sip the Perfect Whiskey

The seasons have changed but that doesn’t mean that the type of drinking you prefer has to change as well. Whiskey can be sipped summer, winter, fall, rain, snow or shine, and sipped appropriately at that. This season we have taken a new yet old outlook on the art of whiskey drinking, and are inclined to say, “the glass can be half empty or half full, as long as there’s whiskey in it.” In order to find out how to sip whiskey at all times, the way you like to sip, we have a few recommendations and guidelines for you to follow.

1. Know the Spirit:

First, one must learn a little about the spirit in order to appreciate it for what it is worth. One must know the comparison and contrast between whiskey, bourbon and scotch. There are regional options from which you may choose such as Scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey, American whiskey, Japanese whiskey and Canadian whiskey to name a few. You’ll be able to find out about this aspect on our Whiskey Business blog post here.

2. Know what you like:

After you’ve learned a bit about what the options, it is time to discover which whiskeys you actually like. There are many different grains, agings and blends when it comes to whiskey, and not to mention brands. Finding out which is right for you is important, so that you may tell the bartender which you prefer when ordering your beverage, however, we also recommend letting the bartender give you a few suggestions so that you can always experience something new! Finding out what is right for your palate is best done through whiskey tastings. We recommend visiting various locations to discover as much variety as you can.

3. Know how you like it:

There are a few different ways in which whiskey can be enjoyed, and finding out which route suits you is very important. Whiskey can be tasted “neat”, meaning  in a glass without any ice, to truly experience the flavors and notes. The best way to sip is to smell first and savor the flavors for a bit once they’ve hit the tongue. It can also be enjoyed “on the rocks”, meaning in a glass of ice. This is often preferred in order to give the whiskey a bit of a cooler sensation on the palate. Finally, w like to enjoy whiskey in craft cocktails as well. You can browse though our menu to find out more about which flavors we like to pair with this spirit.