Bakehouse South Beach

808 First Street
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Let’s Eat!

Our food menu has finally returned with full force and full flavor! We have recently partnered up with Francesca’s on Chestnut to serve our guests some carefully crafted small plates to pair alongside our specialty cocktails. Don’t let the word “small plate” disappoint you though. With options such as a meat and cheese platter, stuffed peppers, ricotta and beet shrimp salads, you’re sure to find something to your liking on this menu. Here are a few comments from guests who’ve already gotten to try it out:

food menu drumbar chicago cheeseplate

“Best Ricotta I’ve ever tasted.”

“The meat and cheese plate is the perfect amount for a light snack.”

Shrimp salad- “so light and fresh, which is perfect for summer.”

“Olives go really well with the martinis!”

“The peppers…the flavor is interesting, tangy and really good.”


shrimp salad beets olives drumbar chicago food menu

charcuterie plate drumbar food franchesas

Now that you’ve heard it first hand, come have a delicious light bite and a cocktail (or two!) on our patio, and enjoy Drumbar to the fullest before heading out for a night on the town.