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National Martini Day

Martinis, those classy sexy drinks you’ve heard people order a million times (and ways) and yet you haven’t ordered one for yourself because you’re not sure what to order. Never fear, we’re here to help you out because on this day in particular, you’ll need to know. It’s National Martini Day, so listen up and place your order!

Dry: Also known as the Classic Martini. The term dry refers to the amount of vermouth used in the cocktail. The less vermouth used, the drier it is.
Wet: A Martini with more vermouth in the mixture.
With a twist: You may like your cocktail with a little bitter lemon instead of salty olive. If so, ask for it with a twist.
Dirty: Dirty refers to the salty olive flavors that are added to the drink. The dirtier you order it, the more olive brine will be in it, along with extra olives for garnish. Often, and when prefered, the cocktails will come with blue cheese olives.
The Perfect Martini: A Martini with equal parts of sweet and dry vermouth.
On the Rocks: Poured over ice.
Straight Up: This means the cocktail is shaken or stirred with ice, and then strained and served without ice. Purists feel that a stirred martini is best so as not to bruise the gin.
>Neat: The cocktail is poured without any use of ice while being made, and is usually served room temperature.
Bruise: When a martini is shaken instead of stirred, the ice breaks down and often remains in the mixture diluting it a bit, or ‘bruising’ it. As most of us know, this is the way James Bond prefers his Martini.
Now that you know all the terms, you can order a Martini your preferred way with confidence. How do you like your Martini? Don’t forget, Drumbar is the perfect location for this swanky cocktail.