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National Scotch Day: SMWS

Happy National Scotch Day! For those of you who are not aware, Drumbar is a Society Spot for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. This means you can find SMWS’s single malt whiskies on Drumar’s Cocktail Menu, as well as attend tastings throughout the year. At the Society’s tastings, Scotch enthusiasts are invited to sample new whiskies that are yet to be released and offer new unique characteristics of the best single cask, single malt whiskies bottled around the world. Listed below are three of the bottles we currently carry at Drumbar, and today we’ve got them for half price! To see the entire list, check out our website.


Savory Smoke and Spicy Sweetness: Cask No. 66.35

Color- Oaky brown

Tasting notes- The nose was a happy collision between savory smoke and spicy sweetness – bacon frazzles, aniseed, clove, cardamom and spiced fruit and nuts. The palate seemed massive – intense smoke and flavors of tar, treacle, cough medicine and honey-glazed ham; also considerable sweetness, mineral notes and some herbal hints too – ‘absolutely amazing!’ We were led by the reduced nose to a barbeque – spiced pork belly, sweet and sour prawns and even barbecued bananas. The reduced palate displayed beautiful sweetness, reminiscent of liquorice allsorts and gummy bears, but still that dry, ashy smoke underpinned the whole delicious experience.

Drinking Tip: For the great outdoors – especially wild places

Age- 9 years


Rite of Passage: Cask No. 127.31

Color- Light Yellow Gold

Tasting Notes: Initially, on the nose, nail varnish remover, window cleaner, fire lighter and gunpowder. Deeper notes consist of a tea chest, salty and sweet perspiration creating a childhood memory. Adding water reminiscent of a wildfire on a peat bog by the sea and freshly caught haddock seasoned with lemon and parsley. To taste like a good ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail garnished with an orange slice and a lemon twist as well as sweet balsamic vinegar in the finish.

Drinking tip: With or over Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream

Age- 10 years

Alcohol- 64.2%

Promises of Sweet Indulgences: Cask No. G10.3

Color- Light Orange Gold

Tasting Notes- The nose (after initial pin-points of paint and glue) was a sweet treat – corn candies and a lollipop emporium; Jaffa cakes, chocolate tiffin, Crunchy bars, Ceramic and millionaire’s shortbread. The palate was also sweet – and substantial! We enjoyed crème brûlée, toffee fudge, chocolate fountains and salted caramel – but interest and depth came from molasses rum flavors and later hints of Germolene. The reduced nose found chocolate crepes with orange and caramel sauce. The palate now veered towards banana (banana chips, banana rum), with charred wood and barbecued meat with honey and teriyaki glaze

Drinking tip: When fancying something different, or dreaming of the Caribbean.

Age- 24 years

Alcohol- 59.6%