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Remembering Elmer T Lee

There cannot be good living, where there is not good drinking


Today, we remember the whiskey industry legend, Elmer T. Lee, who died 1 year ago today at the age of 93. Elmer’s greatest gift to the bourbon industry was his introduction of the world’s first Single Barrel Bourbon: Blanton’s. In 1986, he was honored with her own single barrel bourbon, named after himself. Embodying the epitome of the American Worker, through his product as well as his work ethic, starting as a maintenance engineer for Buffalo Trace Distillery, working his way to becoming plant manager and eventually master distiller. At Drumbar, we are fortunate to carry an extensive array of Mr. Lee’s product. View our menu here. Single Barrel Bourbon To honor both Elmer’s contributions to the industry and Buffalo Trace Distillery’s history, we have created a timeline of important dates that every whiskey enthusiast should be aware of.

– 1771: Daniel Boone passes through Elmer T Lee’s town on the Buffalo Trace (the buffalo trace, which the distillery will later be named after, is a spot in Kentucky where buffalo carved a pathway that paved the way for pioneers to cross over the Kentucky River).

– 1792: Kentucky becomes the 15th state in the Union

– 1858: A small distillery is developed by Daniel Swigert using warehouse and Riverside site

– 1870: Colonel Demund Haynes Taylor Jr. (also known as E.H. Taylor Jr. for which another bottle of whiskey will later be named) purchases the Distillery and officially names it “O.F.C.” which stands for Old Fire Copper, in reference to the belief that the finest whiskey was produced in old fashioned wood fired copper stills.

– 1878: The O.F.C. Distillery is purchased by George T Staff along with the neighboring livestock farm, EH Taylor Jr would continue to oversee operations.

Buffalo Trace Distillery Elmer Lee

– 1881: Warehouse A and B are built, which are still standing to this day. – 1897: Albert. B. Blanton joins the company as an office boy at age 16

– 1904: The Distillery is re-named as the George T. Staff Ditillery

– 1919: The Distillery is one of few to receive the permit to bottle medicinal whiskey. – 1949: Elmer T Lee joins the Distillery

– 1953: Warehouse “V” is the world’s only single barrel warehouse, and was built in celebration of the 2 millionth barrel produced after the Prohibtion.

– 1984: The distillery introduces Blanton’s- the world’s first single-barrel bourbon – 1999: Distillery renovations are completed and is renamed: The Buffalo Trace Distillery. The new flagship Brand- Buffalo Trace is launched

– 2001: Elmer T Lee was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame – 2014: Buffalo Trace Distillery Releases Elmer T. Lee Commemorative Bourbon Edition

Elmer T Lee Drumbar