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Savory Cocktails 101

When we refer to our savory cocktails, these are created with the intention of some of the most unexpected flavors to burst out, blending sophistication and simplicity, with an unforeseen miraculous twist. We have gathered a few of our favorite recipes that feature some hints of savory ingredients to give you an idea of how delicious these cocktails can be. Think flavor notes such as smoked, salty and spicy, and ingredients such as dill, chili, rosemary, curry and bell pepper.

BBW2Big Bad Wolf

1.5 oz Del Maguey Vida  Mezcal, .5 oz Kummel, 1 oz pineapple, .5 oz lime, 2 dashes curry bitters, 1 pinch cayenne powder, 1 cucumber wheel. Served on the rocks.

The Flavor: Vida Mezcal is smokey, cayenne pepper and curry bitters are spicy, and paired with Kümmel, a liqueur flavored with cumin, caraway and fennel, you enjoy a mixture of flavors that are unlike the tangy and sweet margaritas that often use similar ingredients.



 Beauty 3Beauty & the Beast

1.5 oz Kappa Pisco, 1 oz red bell pepper, .5 oz pineapple, .75 oz lemon, drizzle of Thai chili oil. Served up.

 The Flavor: This cocktail is made with freshly pressed red bell pepper juice and it tastes exactly like that. Whitney (the mixologist behind this creation) adds a bit of salt to the juice as well to emphasize the peppers. The garnish is a really concentrated salty and spicy oil that floats on top and creates a nice contrast to the sweeter, base red pepper flavors.



 Hog WildHog Wild

1.5 oz Buffalo Trace, .5 Ancho Reyes, .5 Cynar, .25 maple soy syrup, 1 dash of Ango Bitters and a Laphroaig rinse. Served on the rocks.

The Flavor: This cocktail has several savory components such as spice, vegetal notes, smoke, bitterness and saltiness.The glass is rinsed with smokey Islay scotch (laphroaig) providing the nose. Ancho Reyes brings forth both salty and spicy influences, and Cynar is an Italian amaro (amaro meaning bitter in Italian) made from artichokes; detailing a bitter & vegetal flavor. The house-made maple soy syrup adds a sweet saltiness that perfectly compliments the other vegetal and spicy notes within the cocktail.




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