Bakehouse South Beach

808 First Street
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Take a Shot

We have a new menu at Drumbar, and it’s not any specialty cocktail menu that you’ve seen before. This is a special edition we are doing featuring shots, something that you wouldn’t think we would ever promote at Drumbar. Did you know that taking shots can be an art (and quite a delicious one at that)? Think of this shot as a tasting that has been divided into four categories: Tequila + Mezcal, Bourbon + Rye, Gin, & Amaro + Cordials. Our shot menu was created by Alex Renshaw with the goal to open the minds of our customers to appreciate and enjoy some of our finer spirits, at a reasonable and approachable price. Alex also crafted a non alcoholic pairing to follow your “shot” that will compliment the spirit  and enhance the experience of each’s unique tasting notes. So, put down your Vegas Bombs, O Bomb, Jager Bombs and every other kind of “bomb” you can think of (including Fireball) and educate yourself with some finer spirits. You can find the full menu here. Cheers!