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Topping Tuesday: 4 Garnishes to Step up Your Cocktail Game

Happy Tuesday! Topping Tuesday to be specific. We’ve got four fresh cocktail garnishes to help you step up your cocktail making game:

Swizzle, top right: Scoop out half a lime, light it on fire, and watch it flame. Pairs best with tart, citrus flavored cocktails such as Mojitos and Margaritas.

Cinnamon Stick and Cinnamon Flakes, middle right: Take one cinnamon stick and finely grate it over the top of the cocktail, insert the stick into the cocktail upright. Pairs best with cream flavored cocktails such at the Horchata and Drumbar’s Saturday Cartoons.

Flower and Citrus Twist, bottom right: The colors can vary but place a simple colorful flower into the cocktail and carve a short lime or other citrus peel and then twist until it stays in a swirl. Simple perfection, pairs nicely with a clean bourbon cocktail such as a Manhattan, Negroni or Old Fashioned.

Long Citrus Twist, left side: Carve around the large lemon or orange in a downward spiral the curl around the long necked glass until it looks like a funnel. Hold it in place, pour the ice inside and then cocktail, and reshape to make it line the edge. This garnish pairs well with sweet and spicy lemon and soda cocktails such as the Horse’s Neck.

What’s your favorite way to garnish a cocktail?

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