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Which Drumbar Cocktail Are You?

Whether you’re into a simple classic cocktail, a sweet cocktail full of flavors and spices, or a more complex egg white cocktail, there are many cocktails, far and in between, from which to choose. But how do you know which is the best choice for you? At Drumbar, we take mixology quite seriously, and like to satisfy each person’s preferences. Let us know in the comments below which cocktail best describes you!

1. Old Fashioned

A cocktail classic, a simple yet sophisticated concoction with each flavor bringing a deep notes. This is for the person who likes to sit by the fire, who likes to talk about life and dream about the future. This cocktail is for the romantic.

2. Saturday Cartoons

Just the right amount of creamy and sweet, this cocktail is made with cinnamon toast crunch flavoring, rum for the base, and packs a punch you’ll never expect. This option is for the laid back individuals who would rather stay in but opts for the real deal, the richest experience, when venturing out.

3. Naked Street

A tequila and egg white combo, this cocktail has a mixture of sweet and sour flavors. The complexity and process of creating this drink makes for a great show. This cocktail is for the diva and the wild at heart.

4. Charlie Be Good

With ingredients such as green tea infused gin, pineapple, mint and honey, this light and smooth cocktail creates a nice balance on the palate with every sip. This is the perfect beverage for the perfectionist, and the healer.

5. Life in the Balance

Tequila, Cayenne pepper and house-made hot chocolate, among other ingredients, this hot cocktail warms the body and soul. A delicious drink with strong notes of each individual flavor, this cocktail is for the happy-go-lucky.