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Whiskey Business: Japanese Style

Surprisingly enough, Japan has become a large contributor in the Whiskey industry, and one of the finest at that. Japan has given Scotland a run for their money and has created single malts that have sky rocketed in popularity. With the establishment of their largest and most well-known distillery, Suntory, Japan has continued to rise in the industry. Fun Fact to note: Suntory’s Yamazaki distillery was the birthplace of Japanese whisky, located just outside of Kyoto.

It was a Hibiki 12 year! That was my first taste of the Japanese Whisky culture. – Alex Renshaw

The Japanese are known for their attention to detail in all aspects of their way of life, which spills into their art of making whisky (no pun intended). Holding the title of “sexiest bottle” is Suntory’s legendary Hibiki, the ideal blend of perfection, housed in a multi-faceted corked bottle. After Scotland and the US, Japan has the largest number of Japanese distilleries with the two big players being Suntory and Nikka.

Japanese Distillery

Prior to detailing the bottles is the additional attention that is given to the method of distilling Japanese whisky. Harmony and Strength set the foundation for delivering the delicate, suave, silky feel of Japanese whisky.  Playing off Japan’s ranging climates and pure water, Suntory and Nikka are able to produce a wide range of whisky styles and blends. The proper way to enjoy a Japanese Whisky is in a highball with a sphere ice cube. The crystal clear ice sphere melts slowly without diluting the cocktail.

suntory hibiki 12 year drumbar