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Whiskey Business Part 1

Scotch Vs Bourbon Vs Whiskey 

Whether you prefer your bourbon served neat, with water or over ice, it’s a drink that’s been enjoyed since the 18th century. If you have visited Drumbar, you’ll know we love our bourbon. Pappy Van Winkle, Eagle Rare 10yr, Weller Reserve and Buffalo Trace are just a few in Drumbar’s distinct collection.

Often, people do not know the difference between Scotch, Whiskey and Bourbon. So in order for you to better understand the quality of the sip, we want to give you a few “rules of thumb” for their distinction.

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  1. Whiskey is a spirit distilled from fermented grain mash and must be distilled to no more than 190 proof.
  2. All bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon.
  3. Whiskey (plural: Whiskeys) is generally from the US and Ireland
  4. Whisky (plural: Whiskies) is generally found in Scotland, Canada and Japan
  5. Whiskey made from corn has a sweet flavor, whiskey form barley has a nutty taste, whiskey from rye has a bold and spicy flavor and whiskey made from wheat has a vanilla and caramel note.
  6. “Straight” means no added flavoring, coloring or blends of different whiskey types.

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  1. Bourbon must be made in the US
  2. Bourbon must be distilled to no more than 160 proof
  3. Bourbon is Whiskey’s “sweet spot”. Bourbon is made from corn, which is a sweet grain, whereas whiskey is made from just grain.
  4. It’s more difficult to make bourbon than whiskey, and the government actually has standards for Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Did you know that the bottle cannot be labeled “bourbon” if it’s not distilled in the US, and not allowed to label it “Kentucky Bourbon” unless it’s distilled in Kentucky?
  5. By law bourbon must use NEW charred white American oak barrels.

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  1. Scotch is whisky made in Scotland.
  2. Scotch must be made from malted barley

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Here at Drumbar, our mixologists take pride in their knowledge of these spirits and appreciate conversations with those who know a thing or two about what they are drinking. Next time you’re in, drop a line or two of this knowledge, and who knows, they may just give you a first-hand experience, on the house! Cheers.