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Whiskey Business: SMWS

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is a group of whisky enthusiasts that bottle single malt scotch and enjoy gatherings and discussions centered around the rare beverages. Drumbar is proud to be known as one of their Society Spots at which various of the bottles can be found and tasted. What we find captivating about this society is that each bottle is unique to it’s flavor and each has it’s own interesting character. Below is featured a bottle that we carry at Drumbar and find especially palatable. Stop by for a taste of this cask and learn more about the SMWS from our knowledgeable mixologists.

Cask No. 66.35

Savoury Smoke and Spicy Sweetness

scotch malt whisky society raffaello hotel drumbar chicago “The nose was a happy collision between savoury smoke and spicy sweetness – bacon frazzles, aniseed, clove, cardamom and spiced fruit and nuts. The palate seemed massive – intense smoke and flavours of tar, treacle, cough medicine and honey-glazed ham; also considerable sweetness, mineral notes and some herbal hints too – ‘absolutely amazing!’ We were led by the reduced nose to a barbeque – spiced pork belly, sweet and sour prawns and even barbecued bananas. The reduced palate displayed beautiful sweetness, reminiscent of liquorice allsorts and gummi bears, but still that dry, ashy smoke underpinned the whole delicious experience. A smoky highlander from Kennethmont.”